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Persons of any age may be members by providing proof of the direct descent from THOMAS ROGERS, Pilgrim, a passenger on the MAYFLOWER on the voyage that terminated at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in December, 1620 and by payment of fees and dues as prescribed in the Constitution and Bylaws.

An individual who joins the Society by direct/blood descent from THOMAS ROGERS will be known as a Direct Member.

Persons under the age of twenty-one years may be Non-Voting Junior Members whose dues until age twenty-one are stated in the Constitution and Bylaws.

A wife, husband, widow or widower who is not a direct Descendant of THOMAS ROGERS, Pilgrim, may be a Non-Voting Associate Member whose dues are stated in the Bylaws.

The Society may establish other types of Memberships and other offices that are Honorary in nature.

When filling an application for membership as a Direct Member, all prospective members shall be required to include an application fee of $15.00 which will cover the costs of authenticating the application.

Dues for Direct Members are $15.00 annually (initially we require 3 years up front or $45.00) or $200.00 for a life membership.

A Junior Member will pay a single amount of $15.00 until attaining his/her twenty-first birthday, at which time dues become payable annually.

Associate members shall pay the same annual dues as Direct Members. Associate members will not be required to pay an application fee.

To request an application or if you have questions contact the Genealogist at the address and/or Email below:

         Genealogist Thomas Rogers Society

         2265 E.C.R. 181 

         Green Spring, OH 44836




 Email: Genealogist



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